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10 Frequency NFC Smart Card Reader

10 Frequency NFC Smart Card Reader

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Introducing our 10 Frequency NFC Smart Card Reader Writer Duplicator, a versatile tool for copying and programming RFID cards. Here are its key features:

HD 2.8 inch Full Color Screen: Enjoy a clear display with our high-definition screen, featuring built-in multi-lingual support for user convenience.

ID/IC Full Hand and Voice Broadcast: Receive full hand and voice broadcast notifications in English, enhancing user experience and ease of use.

Wide Frequency Support: This device supports read-write frequencies including 125KHz, 250KHz, 375KHz, 500KHz, 625kHz, 750kHz, 875KHz, 1000KHZ, and 13.56MHz (ISO1443A/B), as well as HID Prox cards.

Compatible Card Types: Our reader supports reading and writing of various card types, including EM4100/EM4200, Mi-fare classic, UID cards, Ultralight, HID 1386/1326/1346, and Ntag203.

Support for Writing Cards: Write functionality is supported for T5577, EM4305, HID 1386/1326/1346, and UID cards, providing versatility for different card types.

Digital Key Entry: Easily enter card numbers directly using digital keys, simplifying the programming process.

USB Interface: Equipped with a USB interface for easy connectivity and data transfer.

Battery-Powered: The device operates on 4*AAA batteries, providing portability and convenience for on-the-go use (batteries not included).

Decoding Function: Comes with decoding capabilities, allowing for the direct preparation of various types of smart card access doors.

Note: To read and write normal RFID cards, follow these steps:

  1. Press the "on/off" button to power on the device.
  2. Place the cards on the back of the copier. The screen will display the "Warning" page. Press "OK."
  3. Place the cards on the back side of the copier and press "Scan."
  4. The copier will scan and display the card number.
  5. Place a writable T5577 (125kHz writable chip) or UID (13.56MHz writable chip) card on the back side of the copier and press "Write."

Experience the convenience and versatility of our 10 Frequency NFC Smart Card Reader Writer Duplicator for all your RFID card programming needs.

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