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12Styles Reusable DIY Eyebrow Stencil Set

12Styles Reusable DIY Eyebrow Stencil Set

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Achieve perfect eyebrows every time with the 12Styles Reusable DIY Eyebrow Stencil Set! With twelve different shapes and sizes of brow templates, you can customize your look to fit your face shape and achieve the arch or thickness you desire. Our set is made from a durable plastic material, allowing for repeated use without wearing out or breaking like paper sets. Each template features easy-to-follow drawing guidelines to ensure you get consistent results, day after day. Whether you’re new to eyebrow shaping or an experienced veteran, our reusable DIY eyebrows stencil set will help you create beautiful brows in minutes. From sleek and modern to fun and flirty, find the perfect style for your face with this set – it’s the easiest way to perfect brows every time!




Packing List:
Set 1:
12 x different styles of eyebrow templates
1 x elastic fixing strap
1 x eyebrow razor

Set 2: 24Pcs eyebrow templates

Set 3: 3Pcs eyebrow templates

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