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Elastic Heel Pad Foot Protection

Elastic Heel Pad Foot Protection

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Are your heels aching and sore after a long day of standing or walking? If so, then it's time to finally relax your feet with the Elastic Heel Pad Foot Protection! This unisex, invisible height-lifting insole is designed with soft silicone material to provide your feet with the ultimate comfort and protection. It can be easily inserted to the shoes you wear every day, allowing you to enjoy movement without any discomfort - perfect for anyone who is constantly on their feet! Make sure your heels get the comfort and protection they need and add the Elastic Heel Pad Foot Protection to your wardrobe today!




Color: White
Material: Silicone
Size: 2.5CM/3.5CM/4cm/5cm

Package Included:
1 Pair Heel Pads

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