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LED Night Crystal Ball Light

LED Night Crystal Ball Light

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Presenting our exclusive LED Night Light, a sublime addition to any refined bedroom décor. The centerpiece of our collection, the Flower Crystal Ball, featuring an exquisite dandelion specimen, epitomizes enduring love and bestows an air of sophistication upon any space. Emitting a gentle, tranquil glow, this spherical night lamp fosters relaxation and invites restful slumber. Its premium wooden base not only ensures stability but also elevates the allure of the dandelion glass ball. Powered by USB, this captivating night light can grace any setting, offering versatility alongside its inherent elegance. Delight your loved ones with the gift of eternal affection through our enchanting Dandelion Crystal Ball, an impeccable choice for commemorating any special occasion.

Light source power: USB plug-in version (W) 
Power supply method: plug-in 
Style: Flower-shaped 
Wooden seat material: Oak 
Material: Resin

Package Includes:
Night light * 1set    

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