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Luxury Set Men's Bracelet

Luxury Set Men's Bracelet

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Designed to perfection, this Luxury Set Men's Bracelet is an exquisite combination of 316L stainless steel and copper metals, accompanied by the natural stone Tigereye. This handmade rope bangle adds a touch of elegance for the sophisticated gentleman. Its meticulous craftsmanship ensures durability and high quality along with unique beauty. The adjustable bangle size of 18cm~21cm guarantees perfect fit for all wrist sizes. Let this stylish luxury bracelet make a vast difference in your look – one that speaks volumes about your success, sense of fashion, and taste for fine jewelry. Invest in this Luxury Set Men's Bracelet and express yourself like never before!



Material:316L Stainless Steel & Copper & Natural Stone
Beads Bracelets Size: 18cm~21cm

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