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Square Filter Cotton

Square Filter Cotton

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Experience the ultimate in convenience and cleanliness with our innovative Ashtray with Air Purification. Simply press the switch to activate its automatic 5.2-minute operation, and when maintenance is needed, effortlessly replace the battery by removing the filter screen and support plate. Elevate your space with the option of aromatherapy by installing an aromatherapy sheet in the designated position. This multifunctional ashtray not only accommodates your smoking needs but also boasts air purification capabilities. Crafted from durable flame-retardant materials, it comes in three stylish colors to seamlessly blend with your decor. With natural aspiration and a powerful 360° exhaust airflow, it features a replaceable negative ion filter cotton that effectively captures tar, releases negative ions, and filters harmful substances, reducing second-hand smoke. Powered by two 1.5V AA batteries, it eliminates the need for constant charging and operates with minimal noise, thanks to its timer shutdown function. Plus, it doubles as an aroma diffuser and is designed for easy cleaning, making it a modern and practical addition to your space.





Material: Flame-retardant nylon, glass fiber
Rated voltage: 3 V
Power supply mode: 2 * AA batteries (not included)
Working hours: the new battery can support it to work about 40 times
Rechargeable Version:
1200mAh lithium battery
Micro USB interface for DC 5V input
Charge for 2.5 h, work about 5.20 mins x 20 times

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